The Fantasie Marie Review

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Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, I wanted to review our “just in” Marie set from Fantasie.  The gorgeous red color and beautiful embroidery make it perfect for this time of year or even for St. Valentine’s Day, but the fit and support ensure you can wear the bra all day long.

Sizing: Again, I found that Fantasie and Freya tend to size consistently, which was true here.  I know that several other bloggers have felt there is inconsistency with both brands, but thus far, I haven’t experienced the phenomenon.  I would recommend buying your usual Fantasie/Freya size in this bra.

Fit: The fit of the bra was as expected—lots of support from the snug band and great lift from the seamed cups.  Additionally, I liked the shape and appearance of the cups and didn’t feel like the silhouette was too pointy or that it pushed the girls to the side instead of the front.

Materials: Known for choosing high quality fabrics, Fantasie does not disappoint with the Marie.  Both the top and lower portions of the cup are made from beautiful materials that feel dreamy against the skin.  I am always amazed that a bra as detailed as the Marie can feel comfortable and even breathable.  Despite the all-over embroidery, the Marie never chafes or rubs and is surprisingly wearable as an everyday bra.

Design: Usually, I’m not a fan of paisley since it reminds me of biology class, but on the Marie, I feel the use of the pattern on the top cup is understated and feminine.  Rather than overwhelm the bra with such a strong pattern, Fantasie opted to use it sparingly along with a floral motif to create something unique and eye-catching.  Furthermore, I like how they carried some of the embroidery onto the lower cup using similar colored thread.  The effect is a tone-on-tone pattern that doesn’t compete with the top portion of the bra but still has its own lovely details.  For women with sensitive skin, this bottom part seems to be lined with an extra layer of the soft mesh fabric because the embroidery is on the top layer only.  Finally, I love the little bows on the straps and the cute dangling crystal on the front center gore.

The Matching Briefs: True to form, Fantasie has created a gorgeous brief that perfectly complements the bra.  The sheer embroidery manages to be sexy, but the ultra soft and smooth fabric on the front and back keeps them comfortable.

Other Comments: While gorgeous and feminine, this bra definitely shows through thin fabrics or tee shirts, so keep your wardrobe needs in mind when deciding whether to try this bra.

Final Grade:  A-

The Fantasie Marie Review
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