Year 3 Stats: The 15 Best-Sellers

Hello Everyone, While the statistics on what bra sizes people purchase peaks my curiosity, I find it equally important to examine the styles they buy most often.  As a result, I have compiled a list of our Top 15 Best-Selling Bras.  This year proved more challenging because a couple styles are now discontinued while others not on the list are rapidly ascending.  In the past, I ranked the bras by the dollar amount of sales generated, but it became evident I inadvertently created a bias toward higher ticket bras.  For this post, I will base the best-sellers on the actual units sold, and I will also include a few “Honorable Mention” bras too.  Finally, I will discuss some non-bra items which perform well for us.  (Note:  To be fair to past years, these statistics are based on sales up to July 17th, 2014.)

The Best-Seller:  Elomi Hermione, Now Amelia


No matter the metric, the Hermione/Amelia always places first.  The flexible spacer fabric cups and bandless frame combine to create a breathable, comfortable style which fits well across breast shapes while providing a smooth, rounded profile under knits.  The only way this bra could be better is if Eveden lowered the price!

The Perennial Runner-Up:  Freya Deco


As with Amelia, the Deco has always been a front runner for the store, particularly because it’s a style available in so many colors and fabrics.  Every year, fans can stock up on the new fashion items while keeping their core basics refreshed.  Not to mention, the rounded profile and lift are impressive, and I think the Deco makes a great alternative for busty women lusting after Victoria’s Secret bras.

# 3 Panache Sports Bra aka “The Hardest Bra to Keep in Stock Ever”


What can I say about the Panache sports bra that I haven’t already video blogged?  It is pure awesomeness sewn into a bra and sealed with a J-hook.  Of course, this sports bra is also the hardest bra to keep in stock due to high demand and routinely low stock. 

#4 Elomi Caitlyn


Caitlyn offers excellent support, lift, and shape, especially for women who struggle with the fit of molded cups, and the multitude of colors released every year allows people to pre-order and stock up.

#5 Goddess Keira


A sister style to Caitlyn, Keira sports a lower price tag as well as a smoother profile under tops.  We started with a minimal range of size, but as we expanded so have sales.  Once we carry the same size range as Caitlyn, these two bras may flip positions.

#6 A Tie Between:  Wacoal Awareness and Natori Conceal Contour

Wacoal Awareness
Wacoal Awareness
N by Natori Conceal Contour

Considering the similarities between these two bras, it is interesting they managed to tie for 6th place.  Both offer wider straps and bands although the Awareness features more coverage and a non-padded cup.  Awareness works for women wanting a more minimized profile, especially if they have softer breast tissue, while Conceal is an excellent t-shape with a natural shape.

#7 Also a Tie Between:  Elomi Rita and Natori Cool Contour

Elomi Rita
Elomi Rita
Natori Cool Contour
Natori Cool Contour

Another style in the vein of Caitlyn and Kiera, Rita sports a lower front and side as well as an optional racer-back.  Meanwhile, the Cool Contour—sadly discontinued much to the inconsolable grief of its fans—was the bra “that felt like second skin.”  We routinely heard how it was the most comfortable bra people ever bought.  Rest in Peace, Cool, you will be missed.

#8 Wacoal Embrace Lace


Wacoal has been expanding the sizes on this style to include both 30 and 40 bands which have only boosted its sales.  The profile is lifted and rounded like the Deco, but the higher center gores offer more coverage and control.  Not to mention, the adorable lace on the edges adds the perfect flourish to keep the design basic with some sophistication.

#9 Fantasie Rebecca


A sister style to the Amelia, Rebecca utilizes the same spacer fabric, but the design of the cup is totally different.  Rebecca has a V-shaped neckline along with inset straps to keep them closer to the neck.  Diamond embroidery on the wings and base are gorgeous, and like the Deco, it’s available in tons of colors and prints.  They’re also releasing two similar styles this year which I am interested to test.  The first is Echo Lace which uses the Rebecca frame but swaps the spacer fabric for a stiffer lace, and the second is Eclipse which keeps the spacer fabric but changes the neckline.

#10 b.tempt’d Ciao Bella


The Ciao Bella is a pint-sized contender in the shop.  With a fit that works exceptionally well, especially for shallower bust types, and an adorable design with unique straps, a bandeau shape, and flat lace on the cups, it’s no wonder this bra has been climbing the charts.  Factor in the retail price of $39 with Wacoal-level quality, and you can appreciate the success.

#11 Cleo Jude


Another discontinued style, Jude found an early appeal, but it stagnated and dropped off over time as better options became available.

#12 Elomi Energise


Considering we only offer this bra through special orders, I am highly impressed by the high rank.  Energise is a fantastic alternative to the Panache sports bra, especially if you dislike molded cups or need plus-sizes.  Recently, Elomi released a gorgeous pomegranate fashion color and updated the bra to include a racer-back clip.

#13 Panache Envy


Expect the Envy to continue ascending the best-sellers list!  Based on the wildly successful Jasmine, Envy swaps out polarizing prints for basic colors but keeps the stretch lace, side panel, and rounded profile of the original.  As with the sports bra, Panache struggles to keep the Envy in stock, but once they can routinely meet demand, I think sales will improve.

#14 Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless


If I love something, I am not shy about telling everyone, and I love this bra.  Sure, I can’t wear it, but it’s one of the best strapless bras on the market.  Newly available in US U cups and 30 bands, the Red Carpet continues to be popular, due in large part to the silicone gel on the cups and wings.  Furthermore,  the padded cradle keeps the bra comfortably anchored while two side stays per wing prevent slippage.

#15 Parfait Charlotte


Aside from the occasional special order, we never carried this bra in the store before the June release of the wine colorway.  Thus, in about six weeks, sales bumped up so much as to make this a top seller for the shop.  I can’t wait to see what happens when the ice blue version debuts in January!

Honorable Mentions

These were not necessarily the next on my list of best-sellers but area instead styles which are gaining momentum quickly, and I expect to see move up the list by next year.

Elomi Bijou


As with the Parfait Charlotte, Bijou has not been part of the store for long, and as with Envy, stock outtages have been all-to-frequent.  Nevertheless, despite these setbacks, Bijou is poised to launch to the top of the best-sellers list next year.  The plunge style works well for close set breasts, and the racer-back option is perfect for summer.

Cleo Marcie


Marcie and I had an ardent relationship for well over a year, and many of my customers feel the same way.  Nevertheless, Panache’s frequent use of neon brights with no basic options in sight harms sales, but in February 2015, we will have both the black and beige Marcie bras in stock!  Reserve yours now, if Panache’s track record is any indication.

The Elomi Plunges Betty, Jocelyn, et. al.


In the store, we have carried Jocelyn, but we frequently ordered everything from Valentina to Tiffany to Betty in the past, and the Elomi plunges remain popular with customers wanting or needing lower necklines.  The details are thoughtful and deliberate although I would love to see a basic version of the smoother Jocelyn in the future.

Anna Pardal Emmeline and Comexim in General


Emmeline (not factoring in other styles) would have been #16 on the above list, and again, this is a company we have only been carrying a short while. What we’re finding here is that the women who love Emmeline or other Comexim bras become extremely loyal to the brand *cough* like me *cough*, so they’ll start replacing their entire bra wardrobe with new styles.

Best-Sellers that Aren’t, ya know, Bras

I never included these in past lists, but we have a lot of non-bra options in the shop which have developed strong customer loyalty too.

Natori Bliss Girl Panties Series


Were I to include this in the above ranking, the Bliss Girl Panty series would be ranked #4 for the entire shop.  Keeping them in stock is challenging because they are a comfortable, flattering everyday panty.  While the price point is higher, the quality makes the splurge worth it!

Yummie Tummie Stephanie Tank


As with the Bliss panties, the Stephanie tank also would have placed on our initial ranking (tied at #15 with Charlotte).  These reversible shaping tanks are comfortable to wear and regulate body temperature to keep you cool or arm depending on your needs.  Because of this feature, they make for a great workout tank too.

Yummie Tummie Nici Brief


The Nici brief provides support in the tummy region without flattening out the booty or feeling binding.  One of the best elements to Yummie Tummie products is how they create smoothing and hold without feeling like a traditional nI hate shapewear, but Yummie Tummie never really feels like shapewear.

Rago 821 and 721 Waist Cinchers


Speaking of shapewear, American-made Rago is one of the best companies for women wanting a firm hold.   The 821 shaper is extremely popular for bridal parties because it pulls in the waist while still being comfortable for dancing and eating.  For those wanting something more flexible and a lot sexier, the 721 with its metal garter snaps and lace panels is a perfect lingerie piece.  Renowned Pin-Up Photographer Iman Woods has told me the 721 photographs beautifully for anyone looking to do a boudoir or pin-up shoot.

b.tempt’d Fits Me, Fits You Bikini


If you had told me when we opened that a “One Size” panty would be this awesome, I’d have laughed in disbelief.  Seriously, it works on most shapes and for most sizes, and the fabric is incredibly soft and comfy. What did you think of our best-sellers list?  Was anything surprising?  Keep in mind, however, that we live in the “Land of Tee Shirts,” meaning molded or smoothing cups in basic colors tend to sell the best.  I think if we were a boutique in a city and focused on a variety of products like sleepwear and sexy lingerie, that the results may be totally different.


Year 3 Stats: The 15 Best-Sellers
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4 thoughts on “Year 3 Stats: The 15 Best-Sellers

  • August 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    I was a little surprised I only owned 2 of the top 15 but then I saw I also had 2 of the honorable mentions and thought that seemed about right 🙂 …. In other news I wish there was a Jocelyn style every season. It makes me nervous when they change the name (also I didn’t like the owl feathers).

  • August 30, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I’m surprised that the Elomi Hermione/Amelia is at the top of the list. Not that it’s not a great bra in an “everyday basic” style, but with Elomi’s reputation as a plus size line (which I know too well folks often dismiss as “other” or a “specialty” market, regardless of whether that actually reflects the population), I had this idea that a more 32-38 brand (like Freya or Panache) would get the #1 spot.

    I’m also surprised that the Elomi Energise made the list. I read and talk about sports bras a lot, and this isn’t one I see mentioned so very often. That said, I’m pretty intrigued by its new J-hook option. (The straps on my Panache Sports aren’t long enough to let me use those J-hooks, and I could really use the extra support.)

  • September 8, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    Interesting post and super helpful! I was just recently fitted at a 38H in UK sizes and has no idea what to look for, now several of these are in my “must-try-on-ASAP” list. I’d love to see more lists like this for girls getting started or looking to expand in new and improved directions (pun intended). Thanks a bunch!

    • Erica
      September 9, 2014 at 12:58 pm

      Hi Fiona! A loooong time ago, I did a post about building a bra wardrobe, but your comment has made me want to revisit it. I agree that it would be helpful for women to have a starting point with some great, trusted styles. They obviously won’t fit universally, but it could steer people toward safer “first purchases” while they are discovering their preferences.


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